Explorative Painting

Mikel Elam is a visual artist working primarily as a painter. His work focuses on storytelling through memory and dreams using the fragments of face and figure to convey information and ideals about world culture. 

Mikel attended the University of the Arts,Philadelphia. He received a Bachelor's degree in Studio Arts/Painting. He went on to study at School of the Visual Arts in New York City. Mikel's work has been featured in international publications and media. He also worked as an traveling assistant to Jazz musician Miles Davis. He also assisted Mr. Davis in achieving his visual arts aspirations as a painter.

For more information on Mikel's work; to get in touch regarding art opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.



No doubt, mostly everyone is aware of the changing times. It seems to both reflect events in the now with a blending of past history. We thought we were moving forward to only find our paths back to former atrocities. 

We are wired, droned, profiled and accessed in a culture marginalized on great wealth, sex and power.

My images are from an imaginary world which reflects and contrasts real world ideals. This dimension we coexists within is both beautiful in nature and horrific in occurrences.Hundreds of years millions of events passed on from generation to generation. Wreaking havoc on mind body and spirit.

With enlightenment, positivity and effort we can rise.This is the realm in which my work inhabits.

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